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Avoriaz: ViaDirect adapts its information and wayfinding solution to needs of ski resorts
Avoriaz: ViaDirect launches an information and wayfinding solution for ski resorts
1 January 2015
Avoriaz , FRANCE
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The mobile app adapted to skiing areas

The ViaDirect information and wayfinding solution can now meet the needs of ski resorts. The first example is a mobile application for the Avoriaz skiing area.


The mobile application is adapted for pedestrians because they can’t use traditional solutions as Smartphone GPS. Indeed these don’t display the pedestrian’s routes in winter and don’t consider stairs and lifts that are often used in ski resort.


This first development in a sports complex underlines the ViaDirect capacity to meet the needs of public places, whatever the objectives and constraints are.


Since 2 years the Avoriaz ski resort wins the prize of the best ski area for families. Provide an additional service to holidaymakers by guiding them through many buildings, floors, shops and activities is the main objective of these application.


Android and iOS (Apple) apps are downloadable for free. Receptionists of tourist office can help users. ViaDirect wanted to create a real wayfinding “compass” with an ergonomic and easy to use interface.


The mobile application is operational for the 2014-2015 season of the Avoriaz ski resort. It guides pedestrians while providing maximum services.


The skiing area wanted a multichannel solution in several steps: first the mobile apps and then indoor and outdoor kiosks’ installation. The ViaDirect solution perfectly meets this strategic requirement.




The Avoriaz mobile application is revolutionizing ski resorts plans thanks to a 3D aerial view of the pedestrian area. An animated route can be displayed between the departure and arrival point. In the summer 2015 an automatic GPS will be deployed in the 3D map. The information flows are from a back-office which manages the entire map. The application uses the Avoriaz data to provide users with the latest information on each destination.


The user avoids differences in height or level by taking the lift to optimize its route. The aim is to facilitate access to stores and services by the most appropriate way.


The other standard features of ViaDirect are also deployed:

- Different types of available accommodations

- Equipment rental




Services: ATM, infirmary…


Direct access to the area map


ViaDirect Mobile for Avoriaz Android:



ViaDirect Mobile for Avoriaz iOS :