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'Antea', the 2nd biggest shopping center in Latin America, has chosen ViaDirect to install 13 interactive kiosks
'Antea', the 2nd biggest shopping center in Latin America, has chosen ViaDirect to install 13 interactive kiosks
1 February 2016
Mexico City , MEXICO
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The installation in Antea mall

13 interactive kiosks have been installed in 'Antea' mall (Mexico), the second biggest shopping center in Latin America. Owned by the mexican group Sordo Madaleno, the mall has over 300 shops and restaurants.


The internationalization of ViaDirect, European leader in wayfinding solution for public places, confirms its success, with its first deployment in America. Increasingly attractive around the world, the ViaDirect solution have recently set up new offices in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Istanbul and Abu Dhabi.


This first installation of the ViaDirect Mall solution in Mexico will be followed by 'Patio Santa Fé' mall and 'Patio Universidad' mall based in Mexico City soon.



The shopping mall have selected a range of services geo-located and connected services, in order to enhance visitor’s experiences:

  • Real-time wayfinding in 3D environment with multi-floor view
  • Search shops by name or by category
  • Restaurants
  • Services
  • Entertainment
  • Promotions in real time and orientation towards the concerned shop
  • Registration to the newsletter of the mall
  • QR code of social media
  • Sending the itinerary by SMS



The 13 46” interactive kiosks including the wayfinding software ViaDirect, have been manufactured with our local partner Kolo, ensuring responsiveness and ease of trade.


Our partner have benefited from our expertise in terms of software maintenance, outsourcing physical facilities, analysis and premium support incident, secure exchanges of data, as well as customer support.