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Jérôme Hérard, ViaDirect founding partner
Announcing first ViaDirect Building digital work place installation inside a new AXA Group building in Paris
20 November 2018
Paris , FRANCE

First ViaDirect Building installation for AXA

Paris, November 20, 2018


AXA Group has entrusted ViaDirect for an innovative digital installation that allows to optimise the digital workplace for their collaborators in AXA new Java building in Paris.


Deployed on site and then smartly dispatched inside the building, the ViaDirect Building hardware and software solution allow the consultation of reliable data about the rate of free or occupied work space in real time  (meeting rooms, collaborative rooms,  mobile workstations…). Collected datas are shared and readable by all thru multiple display devices.


Thanks to its expertise with the full collaboration of AXA of new Java building managers in Paris 17th District, ViaDirect has placed close to 3000 sensor devices, a hundred screens and 13 vertical « Lollipop » information totems.


The 2769 Sigfox motion detectors monitor around 1500 workstations, more than 100 meeting rooms for a total surface area of 21 000m2 spread on 8 floors.


While notifying about vacant workstations and real time occupancy of meeting rooms, those sensors allow to schedule, cancel, prolong or shorten any booking in any meeting room. This integrated network system works using individual input with Microsoft Office365 calendar and the 105 touch screens deployed on site.


The same individual usage is available on any mobile devices thru Office365 mailbox or an Internet address.


The 13 Lollipop totems have been placed around the building in optimized spots for consultation without being in the way, near elevators doors for exemple. Those original ViaDirect designed, and manufactured, digital furniture display datas related to meeting rooms occupancy rate (bookable or not) on top of informations specifically selected by AXA for its collaborators such as: itineraries toward the office restaurant, the infirmary, coworking rooms, lounge space and training rooms.


A main display screen have been installed in the reception area on the ground floor for a global data overview for all arriving collaborators. 


Sensors extracted data precisely indicate occupancy saturated period or workstations under usage while remembering any specific room layout. After analysis, those data allow for a huge improvement of the quality of life at work for all collaborators.


About AXA

Founded in 1985, worldwide known insurance company AXA Group is present in 64 countries and counts around 107 millions customers , including 6,3 millions in France, and has 33 000 collaborators world wide, including 8 300 in France.


About ViaDirect Building (part of ViaDirect)

Launched in 2017, ViaDirect professional digital signage and IoT activity ViaDirect Building has met an immediate success in France with already 16 office buildings connected thanks to more than 5000 smart devices. 


Leader in Europe, Russia, and Central America, ViaDirect has implemented, since 2009, his 3D wayfinding interactive kiosks and software on more than 400 areas in 35 countries in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Russia…

ViaDirect has 8 international offices.

Headquarter is located in Paris, France.

ViaDirect comment...

« This ambitious project has mobilized 8 people for 3 months », explains Jérôme Hérard, ViaDirect and ViaDirect Building founding partner. «  It’s a testimony of the maturity of the market for our innovative technical propositions for professional building. We thank AXA for their trust in our expertise and in our polyvalent solution for digital workplace. » 


«  We are curious to see AXA collaborators appreciate the day to day advantages of our solution: the saved time while looking for a free work place and the reduction of traditional office annoyances like, well known in enterprises: the non occupied booked space » stresses Valentin Desvaux de Marigny, ViaDirect IoT Digital project manager. « Our operating tech crew is also mobilized to support the proper functioning of the network long after the initial set up. »