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25 multitouch information and wayfinding kiosks in the offices of Société Générale
25 multitouch information and wayfinding kiosks in the offices of Société Générale
1 December 2013
Paris , FRANCE
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ViaDirect equips the Société Générale


ViaDirect has just equipped its first office building’s client with 25 kiosks at La Défense. Composed of 55’’ and 40’’ multitouch screens, and of the ViaDirect Building solution, this installation helps colleagues to position themselves within floors, offices and building departments.


The office building has entrusted ViaDirect with the deployment of a multitouch wayfinding and information solution:

  • 3D multitouch software of multi-floor wayfinding, in connection with colleague database
  • 55’’ and 40’’ multitouch kiosks
  • Maintenance and technical support in a highly secured environment
  • Competency transfer on material maintenance (level 1)



The client, from the banking system, chose the “Pad” Model from the ViaDirect magazine, in a special building version:

  • 55’’ and 40’’ HD LED screens
  • Multitouch high frequency display with anti-reflect tempered glass
  • Electric control system allowing remote outsourcing of all equipment.




The ViaDirect Building solution has been designed to answer the specific needs of office buildings. It is composed of:

  • Real-time wayfinding in 3D environment with multi-floor view
  • Multitouch map
  • Search by office or name of colleague (in connection with the database)
  • Search of assembly rooms and departments
  • Animated user interface
  • Real-time monitoring of the equipment and incident management the next day (weekends and public holidays included)


In addition, this solution can receive outside data flows (traffic information, weather, and transport travel times)

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