The ‘E.Leclerc Saint-Médard’ hypermarket and shopping mall are equipped with multi-touch wayfinding kiosks
The ‘E.Leclerc Saint-Médard’ hypermarket and shopping mall are equipped with multi-touch wayfinding kiosks
1 Avril 2015
Bordeaux , FRANCE
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After installing ‘Atlantis’, ‘Cap Emeraude’ and ‘Le Méridien’, E.Leclerc chose the ViaDirect wayfinding software for the ‘Saint-Médard-en-Jalles’ hypermarket and mall.


For the first time, ViaDirect installs interactive wayfinding totems in an E.Leclerc hypermarket. ViaDirect is an orientation and information solution adapted to stores and customers’ needs: ‘Auchan Vélizy’, ‘Auchan La Défense’, ‘Auchan Lobau’ and ‘Leroy Merlin Ivry’ are already equipped with our tactile signage.



The ‘Saint-Médard’ shopping mall choses 2 ‘Versailles 2’ kiosks designated by our exclusive ViaDirect catalogue. Kiosks, already installed in 'Espace Anjou' mall, are more aerodynamic and fit perfectly in a shopping mall environment. The E.Leclerc hypermarket opts for 2 ‘Gazelle’ kiosks with 40’’ screen and luminous totem.

Kiosks use the latest technologies from screens to touch frame in order to offer a very slim, yet robust, modern design for public places.



The E.Leclerc ‘Saint-Médard’ mall and hypermarket have 2 different wayfinding software, designed by ViaDirect according to their needs.


‘Saint-Médard-en-Jalles’ shopping center:

  • A 3D map which guides people in real time
  • Search stores by topics and alphabetical order
  • Mall services
  • Parking and transport


‘Saint-Médard-en-Jalles’ hypermarket:

  • Real-time wayfinding in 3D environment
  • Search products and shelves by alphabetical order
  • Leclerc services
  • Parking and transport