The Shop’in Houssen mall in France is now equipped with multiple ViaDirect display

ViaDirect has equipped with multiple quioscos interactivos at the Shop’in mall of the town of Houssen in France.

Since November 2018, visitors and shoppers of Shop’in Houssen have the choice between a variety of interactive interfaces to find their way, get informed, or have fun with the kids.

To that effect, three ViaDirect Marina designed kiosks with 43’’ touch screens allow visitors to quickly find their way in the mall with a 3D map.

Two other 43’’ vertical touch screens with interactive games for kids are accessible at their height in the family areas.

Finally, two 15’’ horizontal touch screens are placed in the relaxation/press areas where one can read or watch a 24/48h fresh international news feed while sitting.

ViaDirect software solutions for Shop’in Houssen include…

Wayfinding kiosks…

  • A 3D interactive map of the mall
  • Alphabetical search for shops, and by theme (beauty, health, home, ready to wear clothes, food)
  • Search for restaurants, services, family and relaxation areas
  • Dynamic display of pictures on homepage and screen saver (controlled directly by the client)
  • Available in French, Spanish, and German

Interactive kiosks for kids…

  • One coloring game and 4 Crapoks games

Interactive news screens...

  • 24/48h official fresh news feed from AFP (Agence France Presse) through text or videos, subtitled if necessary


Managed by Galimmo SCA retail Real Estate, and after rehabilitation work and expansion, the 50 shops and restaurants Shop’in Houssen (previously “Cora Colmar” Galeria) opened in November 2018. Backed by the Colmar Cora hypermarket, the mall is surrounded by a 2000 cars parking lot.

The town of Houssen is located in Alsace in the far East of France in the Haut-Rhin department (Grand-Est region), 5 km North to Colmar city, near business only Colmar-Houssen Airport.


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