Alfa shopping mall

Alfa Shopping center has been equipped with ViaDirect wayfinding kiosks, a new collaboration with Akropolis group

Located in Latvia, Alfa shopping center is an imposing shopping and leisure mall and also the famous shopping place of the capital Riga. The center has almost 200 shops, including the popular Zara, H&M, Lindex, Black Star wear, spread over 3 floors after its extension.

There are also numerous restaurants, a Rémi supermarket, a fitness center and a multiplex cinema with 8 movie rooms. Moreover, to facilitate access to this tourist destination, a large multi-storey car park with 1,750 spaces is equipped with sensors and lights.

With its dedicated spaces, they have a wide range of modes and diversified services and since 2019, thanks to the beginning of its renovation projects, it makes the daily life of its visitors more pleasant. 

A green park has been built, with the aim of offering a relaxing and quality environment to its visitors, but the centro comercial has also improved its customer experience by investing in a digital wayfinding solution

Indeed, the Akropolis group, which owns the alfa shopping center, had already worked with ViaDirect to obtain a software. This year, it has renewed its request for ViaDirect información e Software de orientación desarrollado for 11 wayfinding vertical kiosks

The software was created especially for the alfa shopping center, respecting its identity and representing its immense terrain on an interactive 3D map.

Viadirect wayfinding software features included…
  • Interactive 3D map of the shopping centre on all 3 levels
  • Interactive search by name and alphabetical order of the 200 destinations of interest in the centre: shops, restaurants and other services…
  • Safe route (no stairs or steps) for people with reduced mobility (PRM)
  • Local weather forecasts
  • User interface in Latvian, Russian and French languages 
  • Personalised itinerary and map sent directly to the visitor’s mobile phone
  • Display of news, promotions and events (to be updated by the centre itself)
  • Real-time traffic information in the vicinity
  • Real-time information and timetables on public transport around the centre.
  • Customer satisfaction survey


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Alfa shopping center

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