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Multitouch kiosks and wayfinding and information software for Immochan (Semécourt, Metz)
Multitouch kiosks and wayfinding and information software for Immochan (Semécourt, Metz)
1 December 2013
borne tactile multitouch dorientation et dinformation 3D floor plan plan interactif tactile pour centre commercial

ViaDirect equips Semécourt center

Located in Metz, the shopping mall “Semécourt” has just been equipped with a ViaDirect software and kiosks.


Immochan, the commercial ground rent working for Auchan’s shopping malls, begins a digitizing policy in several malls in France.


Immochan has entrusted ViaDirect with several features:

  • Multitouch wayfinding solution (kiosk + software)
  • Interactive loyalty application (hardware + software undergoing deployment)
  • A solution for Internet access and games (kiosk + software).


Semécourt is the 4th Immochan’s shopping mall to be equipped by ViaDirect, after Maison Neuve, Haute Pierre and L’îlo.


Kiosks have been designed by Minale Design Agency, and produced with the technical support from ViaDirect which also provided the hardware and produced the kiosks.





The installation is composed of:

  • 3 wayfinding and loyalty kiosks with a 40’’ screen, a barcode reader, a NFC reader and a printer
  • 2 kiosks for Internet access and games with a 22’’ screen





Kiosks are equipped with the interactive wayfinding and information solution of ViaDirect.

Immochan noticed the ability of ViaDirect to work by Web Service for the entire content (offers, shops, pictures, etc.), allowing a perfect synchronization between the Web, the Mobile and the interactive kiosks while designed in an asynchronous way (locally stocked data) in order to maintain an equal service quality whatever the Internet access.


Kiosks also allow to interface with the mall’s loyalty program through barcode and NFC readers, and to print discount coupons.


The other standard features of ViaDirect are deployed:

  • Real-time wayfinding in 3D environment with multi-floor view
  • Multitouch map of the mall
  • Search by theme and destination
  • Animated user interface
  • Display of offers and news
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment and incident management the next day (weekends and public holidays included).

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