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ViaDirect Philippines 3D Wayfinding
The Leader in Interactive 3D Wayfinding Solution and Digital Directory now in the Philippines
1 August 2018

The Leader in 3D Wayfinding now in the Philippines

The Leader in Interactive 3D Wayfinding Solution and Digital Directory now in the Philippines


The Philippines, as one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, has seen the advantages of the digital transformation in its businesses.

Being able to gather big data directly related to real customers and in the meantime, enhance their experience, right from the moment they step into your location, is one of those.

“I have no doubt companies in need of wayfinding or digital directories in the Philippines, will shift for higher standards. In the digital era, technology matters: people expect to find on the screens a well-designed, responsive and user-friendly solution.” Said John Fisalbon, Country Manager Philippines at ViaDirect.

ViaDirect, expert in 3D wayfinding and interactive information solutions, has been internationalizing its activities since 2014 with the opening of offices in Taiwan, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, China, Sweden… and now in the Philippines! Find ViaDirect newest office in Metro Manila, in Bonifacio Global City, one of the major business districts of the capital of the Philippines.


Why more and more organizations invest on 3D wayfinding?


Finding our way when walking into a large building can be a lot of hassle. We all experienced roaming around multiple corridors, taking wrong directions or trying to find someone who could indicate us the right location.

To solve this issue, which is one of the most common we have daily, industries benefiting from digital wayfinding solutions such as malls, airports, hospitals, hotels, universities, museums, cities or cruise ships, are installing interactive digital kiosks in their buildings.



Today, as a customer, a visitor or a tourist, we are accustomed to “customer-like experience”. Which is why we want to see information which are presented in a way we usually get other information. We are every day on our smartphones or computers: looking for some events, promotions, or even finding our way on google maps. Therefore, we expect the information to be as interactive as we usually see it.


Top 10 benefits an organization can get from an interactive wayfinding kiosk:



People expect information to be, if not wholly interactive, at least presented in a way that is similar to how they get their other information. All day long, people spend time on their computers and mobile devices, looking up everything from sports scores and discounted airline tickets to local weather and transportation schedules. Modern institutions aim to give people what’s being called “a consumer-like experience”. Therefore, we expect to see digital interactive kiosks at the entrance of a location to help us find our way and check quickly the information we need.



Providing a better customer experience is what truly matters in terms of competition nowadays. Institutions are offering greater variety and higher quality services for their visitors. And this usually makes the difference. It is not a hazard that marketing managers push for better services: it attracts more people. This marketing tool can help promote and upsell your products and services by engaging your visitors or customers with sales or promotions.



It can be really frustrating to wander around somewhere we’re not familiar with. Especially if we are busy or trying to find something urgently. Struggling to find our way can be stressful. We don’t want that for our visitors. It should a positive experience. This is where digital 3D wayfinding helps. You can now easily guide them to where they want to go. It also helps clearing congested hallways as guests now know where to go. Traffic keeps moving when visitors know how to follow a direct path to their destination.

People can search directly through the kiosks which are usually placed at strategic areas. They feel more in control and are more relaxed.



People are different. Some are looking for human interaction. Some are good enough with machines. They search what they are looking for and then head off. In a digital world, more and more people are looking for self-service information kiosk where they can easily search what they need. Besides, having those self-service digital directories, frees up your staff. They don’t need to give directions all day long and can be focused into providing more useful information to your visitors with a better personalized attention. This helps increase both visitors’ and employees’ satisfaction.




The paper-based signage is what used to be done in terms of wayfinding. With interactive kiosk you don’t need to print anymore, no more paper and waste as soon as you need to change a sign or a tenant in your building. In the long run, digital can be cheaper than continuing printing out info. Besides, you don’t need any staff to go around your building putting up and taking down notices and signs. Their time is more valuable than that. Now with only a simple click on a CMS, all the content can be updated at the same time.



A well-designed wayfinding solution which also performs all the features needed will catch the attention of your visitors. Your graphic charter, your imagery and color schemes will be used and will strengthen your brand identity. Besides, it shows that your brand is modern and ready to invest in technology. It positions your facility as a high-end, premium location.



Searching by A to Z, by shops, by rooms, by amenities or categories is a flexibility that people love. The information can be presented and searched the way they like. More than that, it can easily integrate other information such as weather, traffic info, transports through API keys or even systems such as flights info or bar code scanner (for loyalty cards, boarding passes…). You can tie most of the databases which will feed your interactive kiosk and show up-to-date information.



An unlimited access to information can be available on a single interactive kiosk. Using intuitive menus and buttons, your visitors will be able to know more than just find their way. You can easily put crawling messages, social media apps and pages, some facilities information, a customer survey, an about section, your mission statement, any outreach program you are actively participating to and even integrate advertisement through pictures or videos.



As mentioned above, content update is a real added value. Everything changes quickly: new tenants in your mall, new doctors in your hospital, new gates for your airport, new meetings rooms in your offices… A digital directory can provide to your visitors the most up-to-date information regarding your building. No more huge spending in printed signs!



The 3D wayfinding solution helps the owner having a better understanding of his guests. It is possible to collect the data and have it through statistical reports where we can see guests’ behavior. It is awesome for monitoring and analyzing which places people prefer to go, which searches they do, or what are the type of events or promotions they are interested in. It is also a useful tool for internal communications. “Building directors and HR managers can use kiosks and real-time data to improve the work environment,” explained Jérôme Hérard, founding partner at ViaDirect. “With the recent popularity in flexible working conditions, desk sharing and coworking spaces, having a digital system in place to keep everyone informed is essential.”


For any inquiry about ViaDirect Philippines, please send an email to jfisalbon@viadirect.com.

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