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Interactive wayfinding map and multitouch information kiosks at ‘Auchan Schweighouse’
Interactive wayfinding map and multitouch information kiosks at ‘Auchan Schweighouse’
1 June 2015
Schweighouse-sur-Moder , FRANCE
Directories orientation pour les magasins Bornes tactiles d'orientation Bornes interactives ViaDirect Wayfinding totem for stores Multitouch wayfinding kiosks Solution d'information et d'orientation Solution d'information et d'orientation ViaDirect Itinéraire dans l'hypermarché Auchan Schweighouse ViaDirect interactive kiosks ViaDirect information and interactive wayfinding solution Wayfinding directories

Auchan equips a fourth store with ViaDirect

The ‘Auchan Schweighouse’ hypermarket (Strasbourg, France) chooses the ViaDirect interactive wayfinding solution with 2 multitouch kiosks.

ViaDirect is an orientation and information solution adapted to stores and customers’ needs : ‘Auchan Vélizy’, ‘Auchan La Défense’, ‘Auchan Lobau’, ‘Leroy Merlin’ and ‘E.Leclerc Saint Médard-en-Jalles’ are already equipped with our tactile signage.



Created by ViaDirect and exploiting the latest technologies in digital display, ‘Auchan Schweighouse sur Moder’ has chosen to install 2 ‘Pad 40’’’ kiosks with totem. Kiosks offer a very slim and modern design and they respect robustness constraints required in public places:

  • HD LED 700 candelas 24/7/365 professional display
  • Latest generation multitouch technology
  • VD Box: intelligent management of electronic equipment
  • Ultra-slim and i7 3rd generation powerful player



The application is equipped with the key features of ViaDirect Store and lists more than 1300 different destinations in the ‘Auchan Schweighouse’ hypermarket:

  • Real-time 3D wayfinding of users
  • Multitouch map of the hypermarket
  • Search products by a virtual keyboard
  • Search shelves by topic
  • Practical services
  • ‘Auchan’ services (after sales service, ‘Auchan’ drive…)
  • Sending route via text messages