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Moët & Chandon © Michel Jolyot
Champagne! ViaDirect equips historical headquarter of Moët & Chandon
13 February 2019
Epernay , FRANCE
Hôtel Moët © Andreas Achmann / Moët & Chandon

Champagne! ViaDirect equips Moët & Chandon HQ


Paris, February 13, 2019


After the installation of Moët & Chandon Mont Aigu high-tech winery location (details here), ViaDirect has the pleasure to announce the additional and complementary equipment of the Epernay headquarter of the famous French champagne house.


French Champagne House Moët & Chandon was founded in 1743 by Claude Moët in Epernay. Therefore it is with great pride that ViaDirect has shared its know-how in digital solutions with the historical headquarter of the famous champagne brand proprietary of luxury group LVHM.


On the model of Mont Aigu production site nearby, the Epernay location in the Marne Department (Great-East region) has now two 32’’ ViaDirect information touch screens.

One of them is incapsulated in a brushed stainless steel furniture, a ViaDirect design Ego kiosk.

The second screen is fixed on a wall in a brushed stainless steel frame, also ViaDirect designed.


Embedded ViaDirect software offers to Moët & Chandon collaborators a range of interactive professional and secured informations such as... directory, location map, specialized job sheets, health and security bulletins, production monitoring… All in a graphical prestigious designed user interface on par with the renown place and brand.


Building pictures © Michel Jolyot / Andreas Achmann / Moët & Chandon


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