3D wayfinding and interactive information

VD Kiosk, the 3D itinerary of your offices

  • VD Kiosks is the European leader on wayfinding and interactive solution
  • Thanks to an elegant and attractive design, our touch screen kiosks enhance the brand value to our customers and offers a unique digital experience to the users
  • A software which direct and guide collaborators thanks to a multi-floors and multi-buildings 3D map
  • An interface connected to the building information, the company and its environment

Follow the guide

  • VD Kiosk is an evolutive solution which can be adapted to any type of need of building offices. Customized features are added to destination search: Real time schedule displays of public transport, road traffic, waiting time at the corporate restaurants, meeting room availability and reservation, etc. 

Device intended to:

  • Receptions, landings, meeting rooms and exteriors
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