ViaDirect Building is

  • An innovative room reservation system
  • Connected IoT devices for office buildings
  • A ENOCEAN presence sensor and its IP gateway connected to the electronic mail systems
  • 3D wayfinding kiosks real time multi-floors, multi-buildings
  • An HTML5 generator for the digital signage
  • A server platform connecting the contents to the display devices
  • A data tool viewing the equipment usage rate for the owner properties


ViaDirect Building

The signage connected to office buildings

ViaDirect Building and its range of connected devices

VD Sensor

Presence sensor connected

VD Sensor: a reliable measure of the occupancy

  • Wireless sensors guaranteeing an efficient cost of deployment and operation
  • A gateway interpreting the detection sent by the sensors, making them available for several displays
  • A statistical management tool allowing to know the use of meeting rooms in real time

Detect and measure ! 

  • Check-in via occupancy sensors, unoccupied meeting suppression, workstation occupancy sensors, data collection on the workspace occupancy…

Device intended to:

  • Meeting rooms, flex offices, phonebox, focus rooms, sanitary equipment…

VD Display

Display of meeting room bookings

VD Display: the easy-to-use display

  • Digital signage solution for meeting rooms and conference centres allowing to know information about the use of a space or buildings from the reception, landings, relaxing spaces, and especially the room's entrances 
  • Independant of screen's manufacturers and data suppliers, VD Display offers you the control over the evolution of your park and an advanced management costs

Display and inform

  • Specific case: a colleague books a meeting room on the common agenda. The VD Display screens then indicates  the meeting room is occupied, the purpose of the meeting, the potential participants, the equipment available and upcoming reservations during the day

Device intended to:

  • Receptions, landings, meeting rooms and exteriors

VD Light

Lighted signage occupancy

VD Light: the color as a guide

  • Light indicators, visible from afar and immediately understandable, indicating the workspaces availability in real time
  • VD Light works with VD Sensor, a presence sensor connected to any data source available on your network: colors and animation shows change according to your wishes

Follow the light

  • Taking into account your varying needs, our display units suggest a dozen shades of color. For instance, you can indicate the availability of a space for a short time with a specific color or inform a prompt occupancy without reservation. 

Device intended to:

  • Meeting rooms, shared offices, phonebox, focus rooms, sanitary equipment…

VD Kiosk

3D wayfinding and interactive information

VD Kiosk, the 3D itinerary of your offices

  • VD Kiosks is the European leader on wayfinding and interactive solution
  • Thanks to an elegant and attractive design, our touch screen kiosks enhance the brand value to our customers and offers a unique digital experience to the users
  • A software which direct and guide collaborators thanks to a multi-floors and multi-buildings 3D map
  • An interface connected to the building information, the company and its environment

Follow the guide

  • VD Kiosk is an evolutive solution which can be adapted to any type of need of building offices. Customized features are added to destination search: Real time schedule displays of public transport, road traffic, waiting time at the corporate restaurants, meeting room availability and reservation, etc. 

Device intended to:

  • Receptions, landings, meeting rooms and exteriors

Our solution

Our products detect the use of the proposed equipments to the collaborators, displaying information through statistical tools, screens, smartphones, wayfinding kiosk or a light.

Why ViaDirect Building ?

Make available the measure of the use of space to optimize the work surface and to inform the collaborators is a major challenge for the property managers and planners of spaces.

Optimize your everyday work

ViaDirect Building allows you to optimize your workspace profitability, controlling the real use of your equipments. Our solution helps you improve your collaborators experience and efficiency, thanks to reliable information, available on all daily supporting systems.

They trust us

Mapletree Business City
Moët & Chandon
Caisse des Dépôts
Crédit Agricole
Société Générale
Hang Lung Properties - Plaza 66
Département des Hauts de Seine
Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Seine-et-Marne

Who are we ?

Created on 2009, ViaDirect is the interactive solution which guides and informs visitors of public places. In 8 years, ViaDirect is recognised as a European leader, and distributed in 30 countries with international offices: Taïpei, Dubaï, Istanbul, Varsovie, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Montreal and Boston.

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